The latest Swan updates

We're working pretty much non-stop to improve life for our members. Here's a round up of the features we've added recently to help us achieve just that.


We've brought the character assessment home

Where possible, we like to do things ourselves instead of relying on third parties. We'll always use best-in-class protection for your data, but managing all our own processes means we have more control over its storage and access. That's why we've now brought our character assessment in-house, where it belongs, instead of using ready-made software.

This also means we have more flexibility when it comes to tweaking bits of it. We're now collecting your feedback on the assessment process, so if we find something we need to change, we can do that without affecting previous submissions.

Another consequence of this is that nearly every stage of signing up for Swan can now be done now from our web app, so there's no disconnection between completing your character assessment and completing your profile (it's all the same thing). That makes a smoother journey for everyone.

Avoid being matched with your friends

It hasn't happened yet, but you can't be too careful: if we find that you're a really good match for someone, chances are that we'll pair you up on a date. That can go wrong when it turns out your match is actually your ex-partner/best friend/family member.

No more! We've added a section to the character assessment that lets you name anyone you don't want to be matched with. As with all character assessment fields, the information is never seen by anyone except your matchmakers. You can rule out anyone unsuitable without worrying they'll hear about it. We'll never match you with anyone you've named.

Chat to us on WhatsApp

We're now on WhatsApp. Come and say hello! We love hearing from our members, whether it's about your dates or

Swan in general.

When you're on a date (or heading to one) and need to get in touch, WhatsApp is a speedier, more accessible, and less formal tool than email. If your match is running late, we'll WhatsApp you to let you know. If you're running late, you can message us. It couldn't be easier.

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