Getting started

When will I be invited to complete the character assessment?

In Swan's very first phase, only people in the UK will be invited to complete the character assessment. We match people who are close geographically, so that when we set up their dates they don't have to travel for hours.
Future locations will be determined by factors including the locations of waiting list members.


I’ve completed my character assessment. Why haven’t I been admitted to Swan?

Because of the way our guaranteed dates work, we can’t admit everyone as soon as they complete the assessment – we prioritise those who are a great fit for our existing members. As our membership grows, the rate at which we can admit new members grows too.

Unlike traditional dating apps, whose members are about 85% male in the UK, we keep our men to women ratio 50:50. We also match based on age and location, as well as factors such as personality type and ideal partner preference.

All those factors mean you might not be admitted straight away. If you’ve been waiting for longer than 6 months, take a look at the next question instead.


I’ve been waiting for 6 months or more. Why haven’t I been admitted to Swan?

In most cases, a waiting period of 6 months or more is nothing to worry about – it might be that we haven’t got to your city yet, or we don’t currently have enough members who suit your preferences.

It’s also possible that we’ve reviewed your profile and concluded that Swan isn’t a good fit for you right now. That doesn’t mean you’re not brilliant, attractive, charismatic, or highly eligible. It just means that Swan's services aren't a good match for your romantic needs. We always aim to notify you if this is the case.

We also reserve the right to refuse membership to anyone who violates our behavioural codes or Terms of Use.


Why aren't you in my city/country yet?

Swan is in its infancy as a business, and will grow to new cities and countries as it develops. In the future, we'll expand based on factors including demand from our waiting list.


Using Swan


Will I have to travel for my date?

We collect location data from our users to make sure that your travel time is kept to a minimum. Of course, if you tell us that you're happy to travel to different cities for dates, we'll take that into account too.

What safety protections does Swan have?

The character assessment you fill out gives us a uniquely rich understanding of your personality. Everyone goes through this process, and if someone isn't the right fit for Swan's services they don't proceed to the next stage. This is part of how we make sure that our community stays healthy and safe, as well as how we ensure we can match all our members regularly.

We don't allow messaging or image sharing in-app, meaning that you'll never receive unwanted communications through it. You are in total control of whether or not to share personal information with a match, protecting you from unsolicited attention.

As we grow, Swan will increasingly seek to partner exclusively with venues who offer dedicated safety schemes, keeping you comfortable and secure throughout your dates. We're also building dedicated safety tools into the app – watch this space for more.

What if I want to pause my subscription?

That's no problem. If you meet someone brilliant and hit it off, or just want to press pause on dating for a while, you can take a break from Swan whenever. We'll keep your profile in sleep mode, and cut your monthly subscription cost to £3.79.

If you want to say goodbye to Swan forever, just drop our team a line. We'll remove all your data from our services, including your payment information.


More questions

This FAQ is a work in progress, and we'd love to answer anything else on your mind. Get in touch and our dedicated team will be at your service.