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Dating done differently.

Ditch the same old dating apps. Just focus on the connection.


No more scrolling. No more superficial profiles

Swan uses a combination of clever AI and a human touch to find you meaningful dates. We only charge for dates that are actually booked in, so you can go in feeling confident on compatibility.

tailor-made dates

Dates made just for you

Just fill out our profile questions and we'll match you with someone you'll genuinely get along with. You'll find out who they are and the kinds of things they enjoy ahead of time. Everything else is yours to discover.


Dating shouldn't be a full-time job

We get it, dating apps are just so time-consuming. But it shouldn't be that way. That's why we arrange all the details – from the venue, to the date and time. We even hand-pick the venue based on your preferences. The only thing you have to do is show up and focus on the connection.

Totally worth it. Being matched through Swan gives me the certainty that we have compatible fundamental values, which takes a lot of the stress and guesswork out of dating.

I haven’t had so many nerves before a date in a long while, which was so fun.

It was a super seamless experience, and
I appreciated that the date was planned for me.

Much better than dating apps. The user experience and care are unparalleled.

It was a really fun date.

Really enjoyed having no pressure with regards to organising the date (thank you!)

As easy as...


Sign up here: Dive right into our profile questions designed to get a sense of you, your interests and what you're looking for.


As soon as we get your answers, the Swan team gets to work. Using clever AI and a touch of human magic, we'll find you your most compatible match.


Sit back, relax, and wait for your first date. Swan costs £14.99/match, with your first date half price. Don't worry, you'll only pay if you agree to go on the date.

Quality over quantity

Ready to ditch the same old dating apps? It's time to date differently with Swan.
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