Swipe. Swipe. Swipe.


Every day. Sitting on your phone. At lunch, after work, between meals. Browsing aimlessly through another dozen people.


You can't remember them. 

Even a new match has lost its thrill. You're in for endless rounds of small talk before they disappear, or trail off, or – on the slim chance you both stay interested – it turns out that your schedules don't work, and you'll have to try next week instead. If you both remember.


There's a better way.

Imagine the end of swiping.


Imagine the end of small talk.


Imagine if all you had to do for a brilliant date was turn up.


At Swan, we use a proprietary algorithm and dedicated team to hand-pick matches for you. We handle the admin. We handle the booking. We handle it all.


All you have to do is be yourself. And, for once, we actually mean that.

How it works

Our comprehensive character assessment tells us everything we need to know about you. Fill it in, and we'll make contact if you're the right fit. 

Once you're in, you're guaranteed a match every 30 days. We fix the time and place based on your availability and preferences.


For now, a Swan subscription costs £14.99/month, with your first month at half price

We take feedback after every date – so the longer you stay with us, the more your match quality improves.